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Co-founders Meera Patel and Sheena Patel met as roommates living in New York City, when they bonded over their love for clothes and cosmos. However, as much as their closets grew, finding the perfect Indian outfit for every occasion was proving to be a struggle. Between weddings, diwalis, and navratris, their social calendars were filling up faster than they could find stylish, yet affordable, outfits.

They looked at each other with worry. Each wedding required a minimum of two to four outfits. With no trips to India on the horizon, things were beginning to look dicey. Could they repeat outfits? What if someone noticed? Or worse yet, what if someone saw their same outfit posted on Facebook? Shudder! They would never live it down.

The girls wanted to splurge on designer creations, but with so many events, their bank accounts told them that was a no-no. Indians don't do vintage, so thrift stores were out, and eBay proved fruitless as well. So what's a fashionista on a budget supposed to do?

That’s when these New Yorkers thought "what if we could rent outfits like we rent cars?" What if designers could lend out their pieces at a lower cost to style-conscious women with a passion for fashion but limited funds?

Next thing you know, Meera and Sheena were busy drawing up plans for their brainchild, a fashion portal where women (AND MEN) could RENT trendy South Asian outfits for their next big fat Indian wedding (garba, mela, navratri, diwali, puja, party, baby-naming ceremony, etc.) They started meeting designers, putting their web site together, and presto…Devi’s Closet was born in Fall 2011.

Based in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, Devi’s Closet seeks to meet the needs of glamorous desi and desi-loving fashionistas who want to look gorgeous when they hit the town, without worrying about shelling out tons of cash for each ensemble. The best part is Devi’s Closet keeps a constantly rotating stock of clothes, so you never have to worry about wearing last season’s items. Now you’ll always look like a million bucks. You just don’t have to spend it.


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