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The very versatile, super active, ever evolving, and witty Nilesh Parashar, launched Nautanky a year ago after having worked with the with an Australian design house Escarabed for 4 years, Handling designing, brand development, retail, interiors and production in India for international designers and labels like Elfe in Australia, Aliens 2020 in Milan, Abu Dhabi, China and Brazil, Dot in China. Getting into this field is not just by chance for him. He has had a formal education in designing at NIFT, Ahmedabad, where he learnt the theory and the nuances of the industry from his practical experiences. He launched many labels in Ahmedabad. He made people of the city demand for designer wear. He changed the way people defined designer wear. With this, he also launched two labels within Nautanky; Shehzadi for men and Pukka Saheb, for men. When people come to Nautanky, they of course cannot miss meeting the lead actor.
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